On sight Diamond Grading Programme

On sight Cut and Polished Diamond Grading Programme :
This training caters to all levels of Management and staff of Diamond and Jewellery Industry as per international standards  in line with all the  leading international institutes. Our specially designed course material is based on the  latest technological devolpments in the industry world wide .The main advantage of in house training is that the employees don’t have to waste their time to go to any institute to upgrade their knowledge , thus saving their precious time. Our in house training programe enables them to concentrate on their daily routine work while getting trained at their company premises without making their daily routine work suffer.

Course Contents :
• Breif Introduction on the properties of Diamond
• Manufacturing
• Introduction to 4Cs
• Deatiled study on the Clarity grading of diamond , types of impurities ,
  there identification method , plotting , and detailed practicles on the each   parameter of the clarity grading
• International color grading scale and detailed practicles
• Cut grading parameters and detailed practicles as per the latest cut grading   parameters.
• Carat Weight
• Synthetic and simulants
• Clarity and color treatments
• How to read and understand Lab reports
• How to understand rapaport price list
• Latest research and devolpments in the trade and overview of the latest patent   reports
• International Market

To make the course more understanding it will be conducted with the help of latest video clips and our inhouse devolped multimedia presentations made by us based on our indepth knowledge of each and every  technical espect of the diamonds.

Duration : 15 Days ( 3 hours a day morning or evening )
As per the specific requirement of the corporates we can customised the course and its time duration.