Education ->Diploma in Diamond Grading
Duration 6 Weeks Days and Timing : Mon to Fri. 2 hours Daily.
Course Contents :
Module I :
Origin , Formation and Diamond Sources worldwide
Mining Companies and Diamond Mining.
Physical and optical properties.
Introduction to the 4C’s of Diamond.
Sorting of Diamonds
diamond manufacturing
Factory Visits
Module II
Clarity Grading and international Grading System
Clarity sorting of small size diamonds
Siewing and Guaging
Clarity Treatments
Carat weight estimation
Overvieof Mounted jewellery grading s
Module III
Color grading  as per international system
Color sorting of small size diamonds
Color treatments
Introduction to Cut and finish  Grading
Proportions grading
Polish and symettery grading
Grading of Fancy shapes
Module IV
Identification of diamonds from different synthetic and immetation diamonds
To understand the Lab Certificats and there roles
Theorey and Practicle Exams

Basic Jewellery Designing

Advanced Jewellery Designing