About Us
D for Diamond is a multifunctional company involved in different ways in Diamond and Jewellery Industry mainly focussing on the area of Diamonds, Jewellery and Gemstones Certification and On sight Technical Training on ”Cut and Polished Diamonds“for the corporate  establishments .

Our certification is deeply based on our indepth knowledge and understanding of each and every technical espect of the Diamond , jewelery and gemstones , we use latest and updated technologies to ensure the accurate independent and authenticated testing reports and certificates.

As per our tradition to keep updated ourself with the latest technologies , Our educational programmes are entierelly based on the latest research and devolpments in the world wide  trade market from time to time .

D for Diamond is a member company of various National and International associations Like Israel Diamond Industry Portal , Diamond Ring.com. We are also listed at the Producer’s Portal of Discovery Channel .